Vinyl click flooring

Vinyl click flooring or LVT click as it is also known is an ideal product for customers wanting the benefits of a stick down product such as Karndean or Project floors without all the subfloor preparation work, the subfloors still need to be solid and level to achieve a good finish.

Click vinyl flooring seems to a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms and we seem to sell a lot of it on a supply only basis to customers where they are getting their own tradespeople to fit it for them or even fitting it themselves. Like laminate flooring vinyl click flooring is a floating floor and requires an expansion gap round the edge so it will need either scotia to finish or you will need to remove and refit your skirting boards after the floor is fitted.

Some of the older click LVT ranges require a separate underlay but most of the newer ones on the market usually described as ‘Rigid core’ have a underlay element built into the product which saves the need to purchase the underlay at an extra cost.

Please see below some of our vinyl click ranges, samples available to view at our showroom at 244 Osmaston road, Derby, DE23 8LB.

Polyflor Camaro rigid core planks

This range is available in 10 Plank designs, plank size is 177.4mm x 1212.4mm each pack covers 2.15m2 and is available in the following colours.

4137 Bianco Oak

4138 Boathouse Oak

4139 Quayside Oak

4141 Westchester Oak

4142 Rosedale Oak

4143 Waterside Oak

4144 Naked Blond Oak

4146 Fenland Oak

4148 Bayswater Oak

4147 Astoria Oak

Polyflor Camaro rigid core stone

Available in 4 Tile designs, tile size is 304.8mm x 609.6mm and there is 2.22m2 in each pack. Available in the following colours.

4149 Soho Cement

4151 Tribeca Cement

4152 Goldstone Micro Terrazzo

4153 Pearl Micro Terrazzo

Polyflor Camaro rigid core herringbone

Available in 4 Herringbone decors, plank size is 101.6mm x 609.6mm and there is 1.48m2 in each pack. Herringbone is available n following colours.

RPQ4144 Naked Blond Oak herringbone

RPQ4143 Waterside Oak herringbone

RPQ4141 Westchester Oak herringbone

RPQ4147 Astoria Oak herringbone

Please click link below to see more information about this product.

Camaro Rigid Core Brochure 

Karndean Knight Tile rigid core planks

This popular glue down range now has some colours available in a rigid core product, there are 10 Designs available with a plank size of 914mm x 150mm and there are 2.74m2 in a pack. Available colours are listed below (Please note the click versions code starts with SCB)

KP105 White Painted Oak (SCB-KP105-6)

KP154 Dutch Limed Oak (SCB-KP154-6)

KP138 Grey Limed Oak (SCB-KP138-6)

KP99 Lime Washed Oak(SCB-KP99-6)

KP95 Rose Washed Oak(SCB-KP95-6)

KP144 Washed Character Oak(SCB-KP144-6)

KP94 Pale Limed Oak(SCB-KP94-6)

KP146 Traditional Character Oak(SCB-KP146-6)

KP155 Honey Limed Oak(SCB-KP155-6)

KP97 Classic Limed Oak(SCB-KP97-6)

Karndean Knight Tile rigid core stone

Also available in 10 Modern decors with a tile size of 305mm x 457mm and 2.78m2 in a pack, colours are listed below (please note the code for the click like the planks starts with SCB) 

ST26 Frosted Marble (SCB-ST26-18)

ST!7 Honed Oyster Slate(SCB-ST17-18)

ST18 Ivory Riven Slate(SCB-ST18-18)

ST21 Dove Grey Concrete(SCB-ST21-18)

ST20 Honed Pebble Slate(SCB-ST20-18)

ST13 Portland Stone(SCB-ST21-18)

ST22 Smoked Concrete(SCB-ST22-18)

ST16 Grey Riven Slate(SCB-ST16-18)

ST19 Honed Charcoal Slate(SCB-ST19-18)

ST14 Cumbrian Stone(SCB-ST14-18)

**Please note photos below are the glue down version with design strips between the tiles, design strips cant be used with the click version due to the click system**

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