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Luxury Carpets

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Choose from our carpet range for your home …

Astra Carpets have a Superb Range of Luxury Carpets

Whether you want high quality wool twist pile carpet or luxurious deep pile carpets you’ll find a huge choice in Astra’s Derby showroom.

We are proud suppliers of the UK’s biggest selling wool carpet ranges from Cormar.  For real wool luxury we display the beautiful ranges from Adams, including Fine Worcester Twist with its fifty different colourways.

See our Great Display of Luxury Saxonies

When it comes to luxurious saxony we have so much choice. We display best-selling ranges from Cormar, Abingdon and Invictus.

Two ranges we are doing very well with are Smooth Silk and Luxury Silk. These ranges are made from modern nylon which gives them a very silky feel – perfect if you want to indulge yourself in the master bedroom.  See some of our Luxury carpet ranges.

Wool Carpets have a Feel of Quality

Wool twist pile carpets have much close-cropped piles than saxonies but they can still give a feel of luxury.  We have 100% wool twists made by Axminster Carpets of Devon which give a real luxurious feel. There are several ranges to choose from with over a hundred different colours to choose from.

Patterned Axminsters have an Air of Luxury

Traditional woven patterned Axminsters also have a luxury feel.  While you can still get traditional highly coloured designs, there are now more muted contemporary designs to enhance your home.

Take a look at our display of Ulster Carpets Axminster ranges to see these modern designs for yourself – See a selection of our patterned ranges.

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