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Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring derby, Vinyl flooring from Astra Carpets & Flooring, Derby.

Explore our variety of vinyl flooring designs & styles …

Our Vinyl Flooring Showroom is Packed with the Very Latest Designs

At our Derby showroom Astra Carpets & Flooring have a large area devoted to vinyl flooring.  You’ll be amazed at the choice that’s on offer in all price points. Our vinyls start at just £12.99 sq m and include all qualities including those with a contract rating.

Vinyl Designs have Never been so Exciting

There was a time when vinyl designs were restricted to ceramic tiles and wood planks. Not anymore. In recent years vinyl manufacturers have really concentrated on giving vinyl floors a contemporary feel. In our vinyl showroom you’ll see all the latest contemporary designs, as well as the still popular tile and wood effects. View a selection of our Vinyl flooring designs

Even Wood Plank Designs have Gone Grey

Grey is very much the in colour when it comes to home furnishings. The vinyl manufacturers have cottoned on to this and now there best-selling ranges include wood designs in all shades of grey. There are also plenty of ceramic tile designs that are have grey options. It seems vinyl designs have finally caught up and it explains why they are still the top choice for Kitchens and bathrooms.

It is Important that Vinyl is Fitted on to a Smooth Floor

For the best results vinyl should be fitted on to a smooth subfloor. Where concrete floors have cracks, dips and bumps a floor levelling screed can be used to give a smooth finish. This ensures that nothing will show through the vinyl when its walked upon.

Where you have floor boards the recommended solution is to put down a 4mm layer of plywood. If you have any concerns about your floor we will be happy to come out and advise you what to do. Simply call the store on 01332 342566 or click the ‘Get a Quote’ button.

Enviable Reputation for Fitting Vinyl

Vinyl is not the easiest product to fit, but Astra have built up an enviable reputation for their vinyl fitting service.

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