Stair runners still popular

Grey carpet with traditional style

Grey is the top selling colour in all types of flooring at present, But that doesn’t mean you cant have traditional style carpets in modern colours. We have recently fitted a lounge, Bedrooms and dressing room in a 100% Wool textured berber loop and the stairs and landing in 80% Wool twist which was made into a runner for the customer.

The ranges used

For this installation we fitted Smart berber naturals in the colour ‘Zinc’ to the lounge and bedrooms and the stairs and landing is fitted in the Balmoral 50oz colour ‘Stoney bridge’ the stairs shows how it was painted before the runner was fitted.

We can make any carpet into a stair runner for you its just a case of getting the edges binded beforehand which takes a little longer to do with the normal carpet delivery and there is an additional cost as it is done by a third party.

Stair rods to complete the look

If you do decide on a runner for your stairs there is plenty of choice of stair rods available, From hollow to solid brass in types of colours. Below is some more photos of stair runner jobs we have done with stair-rods fitted.






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