Astra Carpets refurbishs student accommodation at Derby University

Astra Carpets refurbishes student accommodation in Buxton

The Contract Flooring division of Astra Carpets & Flooring have been refurbishing student accommodation at the Derby University Buxton Campus. Astra have been working for Derby University for over ten years, refurbishing student rooms in many of the Student Halls of Residency around Derby and Buxton.

New Carpet Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tiles to a Common Room

This latest project involved fitting new flooring to a Common Room. Paragon Codec Carpet Tiles were chosen for the sitting areas. These are a very practical carpet tile, that are particularly suited to this environment. In the eating areas a Project Floors Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in a wood plank design was specified. Again, LVT is a very practical flooring solution where there are going to be spills of food and drink.

Astra Carpets solved problems with the subfloor

It’s normal to put a layer of 6mm plyboard over wooden subfloors so that LVTs fit perfectly. However, there was a pool table in the room, and it was thought that the weight of the table may cause problems in the future. To solve this problem Astra’s team of fitters laid a double layer of 25mm and 12mm plyboard

A curved edging trim gave a contemporary feel

To give the room a contemporary feel it was decided to make the LVT meet the carpet tiles in an arc. Astra used a specialist curved edging trim from Gradus to join the two flooring materials.

Astra Carpets and Flooring also supplied the furniture

Refurbishing student accommodation often entails replacing all the furniture. Astra Carpets were asked if they could also source furniture at a competitive price. Our buying team found a specialist furniture manufacturer who could provide the items within the university’s budget. This has enabled Astra Carpets to offer a much-enhanced service to the University of Derby

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