Vinyl flooring for that modern look

Vinyl flooring for almost everywhere

Vinyl flooring sales have really increased over the last few years, its not just kitchens and bathrooms where customers are having vinyl fitted nowadays we are fitting a lot of hallways, bedrooms and even lounges too.

The beauty of a vinyl product is it is very easy to look after, you can mop it, steam clean it etc so its very worry free on the stains and spillages front. Also if you are wanting the look of a wood plank or tile effect floor without the higher cost of a LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)  then vinyl is the perfect solution.

We have a huge selection of vinyl products on display at Astra with top brands like Leoline,  Avenue Floors,  Beaufloor and Tarkett. Like the current trend with grey carpets we are fitting a lot of grey wood effect vinyls for all areas of the home.


Floor preparation for vinyl

Of course like a luxury vinyl tile a sheet vinyl may require some sub-floor preparation as it needs to be reasonably smooth for a vinyl before its fitted. Our skilled fitters are able to undertake smoothing (Screeding)  of concrete floors if required and ply-boarding of floorboard areas at an additional cost.

Usually a bathroom floor that is floorboards will require a 4mm plyboard preparation before vinyl can be fitted, if it is a relatively new property with chipboard down this will be fine for vinyl to go straight over if its in good condition.

A bitumen floor will ideally need screeding to prevent the bitumen discolouring the vinyl over time.  A normal vinyl will tend to absorb the bitumen and can give the surface of the vinyl a dirty look especially if it is a lighter colour vinyl.

Below is some photos of a job we did in a bathroom with traditional floorboards, First we fitted a layer of 4mm plyboard this will stop the gaps showing through the vinyl. The vinyl we fitted is our Monza elite range in the colour Garda.


Felt backed vinyls

The choice of felt backed vinyls available is growing all the time and are proving to be some of our best sellers. The benefit of felt backed vinyls is they are more rip resistant than a normal vinyl and they can be fitted over a bitumen floor without the need for screeding.

Another benefit of vinyls with a felt backing is they can be stuck down with normal carpet adhesive either perimeter fixed or all over to give you a more stable installation. You can fully stick a normal vinyl but this would generally involve using a an acrylic adhesive which would prove difficult to uplift in the future.

Please feel free to browse through our samples at our showroom on Osmaston Road Derby and see how you can transform your room with a quality sheet vinyl product.

A selection of our vinyl flooring can be viewed here


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