Stainfree Carpet Ranges

There is a huge choice of Stainfree carpets available today, from durable twists to softer pile carpets. At our Derby showroom there are so many to see from company’s such as Cormar carpets, Abingdon flooring and Furlong flooring to name just a few.

They are available in plain, heather and tweed shades you will really be spoilt for choice with our selection of stainfree products. These ranges will take the worry out of everyday stains and spills as most stains will come out with a damp cloth and the more stubborn ones can be cleaned with diluted bleach and water without affecting the colour of the carpet.

Please see below a selection of ranges and colours of some of our stainfree carpets.

Easy Living Ultra

This durable twist comes in 20 Modern colours and we even have it fitted on our showroom floor!

Pile Weight 48oz

Suitable for Extra Heavy Domestic use

Tog rating 1.5

10 Year stain & wear warranty

Trojan Elite

Available in 14 Shades this is a thicker/softer version of some of the colours from the ‘Trojan plus range’

Pile weight 40oz

Suitable for heavy domestic use

Tog rating 1.50

10 Year stain & wear warranty

Carefree Twist

This range is available in 15 colours also comes in a heavier ‘Ultra’ Weight.

Pile weight 35oz

Suitable for heavy domestic use

Tog rating 1.47

10 Year stain & wear warranty


Trident comes in 24 Colours and has some traditional shades within the range.

Pile Weight 39oz.

Suitable for heavy domestic use.

Tog rating 1.62.

10 Year stain & wear warranty.

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