Stunning Karndean Floor in Newstead Abbey Park

Creating a modern wood floor effect with Karndean

Mrs Rye was wanting to replace her existing Lounge Axminster Carpet with a modern hard floor. After looking at various options she chose the herringbone effect from Karndean’s Art Select Range in colour Blond Oak (AP01).

All Karndean products have the versatility to create borders around the room perimeter. Because the room was very large it was decided to put a border round the room. The finished result worked perfectly in this traditionally designed house in Newstead Abbey Park, in Nottinghamshire.

Installing the Karndean Floor

After uplifting the old carpets and underlay our fitting team set about preparing the floor. 6mm Flooring Grade Ply was fixed over the existing floorboards. To ensure that the joins in the ply would not show through the edges were smoothed over with Feather Finish compound to give a perfect smooth sub floor to lay the Karndean planks on.

The border was laid first

The fitters laid the border, made up of two rows of blocks and a key line feature strip, around the perimeter first. Then the small tiles were painstakingly laid to create the herringbone effect. Great care was taken to ensure that the individual blocks were butted up tightly and the picture of the border around the bar area shows the skill of our fitting team.

A stunning floor that will prove very practical and hard wearing

More and more people are realising the benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles like Karndean over carpet. Karndean is a very practical flooring solution that wipes clean with the most accidental of spills. One of the advantages of carpet is that they give warmth and comfort to rooms. Because Karndean is thick vinyl it will match the ambient temperature of centrally heated rooms and create a comfortable environment.

A very happy customer

Mrs Rye is a long standing customer of Astra Carpets in Derby and was over the moon with the result of our work. Being a large area it took some time but its great for us also to see the finished article. If you’d like any advice on Karndean Floors please do not hesitate to contact us.


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