Free Floor Care kit with Karndean Purchases

Karndean Floor Care Kit

Astra Carpets and Flooring are major suppliers of Karndean and have years of experience of fitting this outstanding vinyl tile product.

Now with every purchase you will receive a free Karndean Flooring Care Kit worth £40.00!

Inside your Floor Care Kit you’ll receive:

  1. x1 Karndean Clean 750ml
  2. x1 Karndean Remove 750ml
  3. x1 Karndean Refresh 750ml
  4. x1 Floor Protector Pack
  5. x1 Refresh Pad (Soft/White)
  6. x1 Remove Pad (Coarse/White)
  7. x1 Applicator
  8. x1 Floor Care Guide

This kit gives you all the necessities needed to be able to clean and maintain your floor allowing it to look immaculate for years to come.

Helpful hints & tips:

  • Mop up spills as soon as possible, using Karndean clean which reduces the risk of any possible staining or slips.
  • For stubborn stains, spot clean with with undiluted Karndean Clean or Remove.
  • Use entrance mats to protect against grit and moisture (ensure they are non rubber-backed to prevent any discolouration of the floor)
  • Avoid sliding or dragging furniture or other objects across your floors, use the floor protection pads included in the Care Kit.
  • Use Castor cups to protect against any indentation from heavy furniture.
  • Sweep up regularly & try to remove any loose dirt or grit as these can cause fine imperfections & scratches on your floor.
  • If you’re using a vacuum, please check the manufacturers guidelines to make sure it is suitable for Karndean.
  • To avoid slippy flooring or any discolouration, please do not use regular household cleaners or bleach-based detergents.
  • Whilst applying Karndean refresh to your floor, be careful not to apply it to thickly. Two thin coats will be sufficient.

If your Karndean Floor starts to obtain a streaky appearance, it maybe that:

  • Karndean Remove has not been removed completely – Repeat the process ensuring the floor is rinsed thoroughly; or
  • Irregular drying of the Karndean Refresh due to underfloor heating, strong sunlight or draughts – Repeat the Remove & Refresh process, ensuring all floors are protected from heat, strong sunlight & draughts until completely dry.

About Karndean

Karndean is the market leading manufacturer of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) who’s ranges offer effective alternatives to wood or ceramic floors without the downside to wood scratching or ceramic tiles being cold and/or slippery when wet.

One of the best features of Karndean is that you can design a unique and bespoke floor to suit your taste with the wide variety of decorative borders and installation options.

At Astra we will provide assistance in store to help select the look you want while offering suggestions to best meet your needs. We will undertake a site visit to assess the sub floor and quantify the materials required for installation and give a no obligation quote while at your home.

Call in store today to see the fantastic ranges we have on display or click the “Get A Quote” tab to get in touch.


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