Clearance Quickstep & Balterio Laminate

Warehouse tidy up

During the latest lockdown its has given us a chance to go through our stock and tidy up our warehouse, We have available a small quantity of Quickstep and Balterio laminate packs available at low prices to help us make even more space.

Some of the ranges are now no longer available so handy if you need a single pack for a repair or just want some spare for the future. Please note these are one off prices due to the small amount available if you require any more they will be the rrp price quoted in brackets. Where there is more than 1 Pack available they are sold as a package.


What’s available


Quickstep Elite UE1496 Old White Oak Dark           1 Pack 1.722 M2 (RRP £36.14)                 To Clear      £10.00

Quickstep Eligna Hydro EL1043 Oiled Walnut         1 Pack 1.722 M2 (RRP £36.14)                 To Clear      £10.00

Quickstep Perpective UF312 Old Oak Matt Oiled      2 Packs 3.01M2 (RRP £84.28)                To Clear      £40.00 (Discontinued Range)

Quickstep Elite UE1493 Old Oak White Natural        1 Pack 1.722 M2 (RRP £36.14)                To Clear      £10.00

Quickstep Eligna Hydro EL3906 Venice Oak Grey    1 Pack 1.722 M2 (RRP £36.14)                To Clear      £10.00

Quickstep Eligna Hydro EL1304 Light Grey Varnished Oak 1 Pack 1.722 M2 (£36.14)             To Clear     £10.00

Quickstep Signature SIG4757 White Premium Oak 1 Pack 2.048M2 (£61.42)                             To Clear    £25.00

Quickstep Classic 8mm CL998 Enhanced Oak 1 Pack 1.596M2           (£31.90)                            To Clear     £10.00

Quickstep Impressive IM1854 Soft Oak Light 1 Pack 1.835M2            (£44.02)                             To Clear   £20.00

Quickstep Impressive IM1849 Classic Oak Brown 2 packs 3.67M2     (£88.04)                           To Clear    £40.00 (Sorry Now Sold)

Quickstep Impressive Ultra IM1848 Classic Oak Natural  3 Packs 3.933M2   (£153.35)             To Clear   £75.00

Quickstep Perspective Wide UFW1538 Oak White Oiled Planks 2 Packs 3.16M2 (£88.45)        To Clear  £40.00 (Discontinued Range)

Quickstep Impressive IM1858 Saw Cut Oak Grey 4 Packs 7.34M2 (£176.09)                                To Clear  £90.00

Quickstep Classic Hydro CLM 3184 Windsor Oak 7 Packs 11.17M2  (£223.29)                              To Clear  £150.00

Balterio Dolce Vita- Barrel Oak   1 Pack 1.824M2  (£37.37)                                                                To Clear   £10.00

Balterio Fuji Oak     3 Packs 4.419M2                       (£125.90)                                                              To Clear   £60.00

Quickstep Classic Hydro 8mm CLM Bleached White Teak 4 Packs 6.38m2  (£127.53)            To Clear      £70.00



Please note these are sold on a supply only basis we are unable to post/ courier etc, Please check availability on 01332 342566 (Option 1)




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