Karndean perfect for workshop in Melbourne, Derby

Practical solution required for cake decorating workshop

Mrs Sims needed a suitable floor for a room being converted into a workshop for cake decoration. Karndean’s Van Gogh range, with its large wood planks, was chosen to be in keeping with the rest of the house. Van Gogh has a commercial rating being popular in shops and restaurants, and its easy clean properties were just perfect for the cake decorating environment.

Floor preparation involved screeding with a smoothing compound

The existing sub floor was concrete. To ensure that the floor was perfectly smooth a screed compound was used to create the perfect surface to lay the Karndean tiles on. Prior to laying the screed the floor was tested for any damp. Testing for damp is an essential prerequisite before laying screed, as the presence of damp may cause problems in the future.

After reassuring ourselves that their was no damp issue the screed was laid. The tiles were laid using Karndean’s specialist high temperature adhesive to again ensure that there will be no problems in the future.



Here’s what Mrs Sims had to say


“The staff at Astra were very helpful from start, and gave me very good advise about what would be the most suitable product. There was plenty of choice in the showroom and I really appreciated being able to take samples home. I was very happy with the fast turnaround, the high level of installation and the overall look.”

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